Soren Kaplan’s “Leapfrogging”

Dans “Leapfrogging” l’auteur américain Soren Kaplan développe

ses idées sur le thème du rôle des individus dans les avancées technologiques

et cite la Caféothèque dans une introduction remarquable et une courte video de

présentation visible sur




Voici un extrait de l’introduction…

Praise for Leapfrogging

One day shortly after we arrived in Paris, I wandered into a little café called Caféotheque, hoping to find an Internet connection, a caffeine boost, and a corner table with an electrical outlet where I could hole up with my laptop and get busy writing. Little did I know that inside this modest coffee house I was about to experience something that would shape the entire focus of this book. I ordered a cafe crème (like a strong latte) from a woman who turned out to be the owner, a native of Guatemala named Gloria Montenegro de Chirouze. I took a seat, preoccupied with the task of writing I had ahead of me. The moment I took a sip of my coffee, I forgot about everything else that had been on my mind. What a sublime cup of java it was! So smooth and yet so potent. I wasabsolutely stunned”





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